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Color Me 07.30.12

How can you not be inspired by this image? It makes me want to go grab the personal watermelon I just bought and eat the whole thing. By myself. Yum! This photo is from the talented Elena Kalis. You can see her full collection of underwater photography here. Be prepared the be amazed! … [Read More...]

christmas cuteness

Christmas Cuteness

Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving!!  I took a much needed break from work and spent time with my family!  How about you?! With Christmas around the corner (gasp!  Really?!?!) it's time to dress up your little girl in this beautiful Christmas headpiece! … [Read More...]


Pulling out the yarn…

Something about the fall makes me want to pull out the yarn and start a ton of different projects.  Yarn screams fall to me.  Does it to you?! My daughter came to me the other day asking me to make her "pink bear a pink blanket".  So I obliged of course.  Anything for my baby girl!  Although pink doesn't scream fall to me. Fellow knitters/crocheters:  Are you working on any fun projects for the winter?  Do share! … [Read More...]


Remember those Yarn wreaths?

Last Christmas, I made a white coffee filter wreath. Then Chistmas passed and the white coffee filter wreath remained up. I never really felt it was very 'Christmasy' so I liked the way it dressed up our living room past the holiday season and filled the big space on the wall where it's placed. Our living room is simply white and black so it fit perfectly! This Christmas though, I want to dress it up a bit. I'm thinking of some red ornaments in it?  Will let you know what I decide on that! But... I was not feeling the white coffee filter wreath for the fall season. So after seeing the … [Read More...]